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Jobs and Careers

Bibliographical resources about jobs and careers in higher education and state research.

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Professional integration of PhDs remains difficult

The initial findings of the CEREQ's Génération 2004 survey that takes a snapshot of the career situation in 2007 of university graduates in 2004, shows that it is still difficult for PhDs to integrate the job market. voir la suite

Little Guide to Research Jobs

The Ministry of Higher Education and Research has just updated its valuable 'Little Guide to Research Jobs'. voir la suite

Recruitment of Teaching Research Fellows 1998-2008

The Guild of PhD Researchers publishes a summary of available data about the trends in academic recruitment during the period 1998-2008. voir la suite

CSRT Report on Young Researchers

The Higher Council for Research and Technology released, September 30th last, a report requested by Valérie Pécresse, minister of higher education and research, about the status and working conditions of young researchers and young teaching research fellows. voir la suite

Report on Doctoral Education in Europe

A new report published by the European University Association (EUA) gives an important insight into the state of doctoral education in Europe. voir la suite

Jobs in 2015

According to a recent report, research is a promising job. Still, forecasters also predict uncertainties... voir la suite

The Job of Management Professor

A survey about the job of management professor in France was presented at the latest Management Research Meeting on 9 November 2006 at EM Lyon. voir la suite

The Recruitment of Lecturers and Professors in 2006

The Ministry of National Education released a statistical report about the first (and main) recruitment campaign of university lecturers and professors in 2006. voir la suite

University teaching and research: comparison between the USA, Japan and France

Marie Parsy et Michel Israël, French Embassy in the USA, Office for Science and Technology, September 2005. voir la suite

Teacher-researchers' work: towards a disruption of the 'table of academic values'?

Sylvia Faure, Charles Soulié and Mathias Millet, June 2005. voir la suite

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